Joshua Ness

I'm Josh! If you've landed on this page, it means you're probably pretty rad.

Here's a bit about me. I'm a co-founder at StrategyHack. We help raise the standard of marketing by providing opportunities for marketers to work directly with growing companies. In a nutshell, StrategyHack produces more effective marketing talent and helps accelerate startup growth.

I also work with Startup Grind NYC, bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs to hear from successful startup founders on the business of creating a business.

In the past, I've helped build marketing machines for teams in the event management, workforce development, and community organization industries.

When I'm not hustling professionally, I run a couple Meetup groups for newcomers to the NYC startup scene and for displaced Texans living in New York. Yes, there are quite a few of us.

I have an irrational fear of umbrellas. I love international travel and constantly look for reasons to get on trains and airplanes. I also remember the quadratic formula. (Although I haven't yet found a practical application for this talent.)

Get in touch! Connect below or shoot me an email at josh (at)