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Directions? Who Needs Directions?

Let's Try Something New

I’m changing the course of this site.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of what I could possibly offer to readers. I spent several days in Tibet* and finally figured out an acceptable answer to the “what is your passion?” question. [click to continue…]

NYC Customs House

Several months ago, I became aware of something called TSA Pre✓™ (the ™ is very important). It’s a government program that allows “Trusted Travelers” to skip security lines and international customs after paying a one-time fee and going through a short interview process. As much as I travel for work, it seemed worth it.

So I signed up.

After completing a rigorous questionnaire and paying $100 online, [click to continue…]

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Anglo Zanzibar War

It’s true. I haven’t posted in two months, and more than several wars have begun and ended in fewer days than the last time I spoke publicly. Here’s a short list:

  1. The Falklands War (42 days)
  2. The Sino-Vietnamese War (27 days)
  3. The Six-Day War (Wait for it… 6 days)
  4. The Anglo-Zanzibar War (40 minutes)

I think the takeaways here are a) Josh should try blogging more, and b) don’t mess with the British when you’ve only been Sultan for two days.

I read an article recently that told me I should read more. No, the irony is not lost on me. But the reason I read the post is because I’ve been trying to find ways to become a better writer. Or to become a writer, period. I find so many people online who just… write, and I get jealous. Why do they get to write so much. Who died and made them prolific writers? What do they got that I don’t got? [click to continue…]

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Smith Street, Brooklyn

I made an interesting move in May: I relocated from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn to the neighborhood of Cobble Hill in the same borough. The two areas have almost nothing in common.

Both neighborhoods are dangerous, albeit in different ways. In Bed-Stuy, you have to be aware of your surroundings. I was never mugged or bothered (except for one instance when a kid lacked the confidence to demand my smartphone in a big-boy voice; if you can’t sound like a man when you’re trying to rob me, I’m not even going to acknowledge you), but those blocks don’t strike one as the safest of areas.

Smith and Court Streets in Cobble Hill are dangerous because I could easily go broke and find myself out on the curb without a dime to my name. There is SO much stuff to do around here! The apartment I’m now sharing with my college friend Umair overlooks a [click to continue…]


Living Like a New New Yorker

Central Park, New York

I forgot how fun this is.

Before I get started, I need to disclose that I’m getting back into Coheed and Cambria. My roommate makes fun of me for listening to angsty middle-school girl music, but I ignore her. Their latest album, The Aftermath: Descension, was released last week. Go check it out. (If you don’t have Spotify, welcome to the Internets. Go get Spotify.)

The trick to getting out there is [click to continue…]

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Josh at Taco Casa!

I just got home from a crazy long business trip. My travels took me to San Diego for the Microsoft Lync Conference, Dallas and Austin for the wedding of my friends Mike and Shana, and to Portland and Seattle for work. My Delta Sky Miles account is bulging.

Josh's Business Trip

Here are a few things I learned while I was away: [click to continue…]


We’re two weeks in, and I’ve stuck to a few of my more important resolutions.

After SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, I experienced a phenomenon called “showdown.” It’s what happens to event organizers when they complete a large event and suddenly no longer receive 50 emails per hour or have one-hour emergency deadlines that pop up out of nowhere.

Having so much free time should have been good for me since I’m also responsible for all of our internal marketing for the technology products we make and sell. It should have meant a break from madness to focus on deployment strategy and content creation. But it didn’t.

I got back to Brooklyn and realized [click to continue…]