What I'm doing NOW

Here's a quick peek at what I'm focused on at this exact point in life

I'm at home in Brooklyn until mid-December

I travel a lot for career and fun -- not to count continents or countries. Some places I've been recently are:

In October, I'll be taking a quick trip to Las Vegas for a friend's birthday... and to see Vanilla Ice perform. Stop pretending you're not jealous.

I'm sailing a lot, training to pass the Skipper test at Manhattan Yacht Club

I got into sailing during the pandemic, and it's been a great new hobby. I've met lots of wonderful people and participated on several international trips and races. Bring up sailing at your own risk -- we may not talk about much else.

I'm getting Startup Grind back off the ground in New York City

We hit a major snag during lockdown and paused in-person events for three years. With help from new partners like Two Sigma Ventures and The Yard, we're finally hosting live events again! We recently had a fireside chat with Paula Jackler from Figure, as well as Edwina Yeo at Supermomos.

I'm exploring what a new role will look like for me

Since leaving Verizon in May, I've heeded some trusted advice and taken an honest break from the career grind. I've delivered a few talks to the NYU Stern Tech MBA cohort and at an AI ML Summit, but I've mostly been enjoying summer in New York. I'm spending more time now having meaningful conversations with incredibly smart people and working on what's next.

(If you have any ideas, please reach out! joshua.ness@ieee.org)