About Joshua

Here's the longer version of my story...

I'm an Emerging Technology Director for business enablement. This means I have deep roots in the global innovation ecosystem and can look at the whole landscape of technologies to see where they intersect and can be put to work for people and companies.

In the six years I spent with Verizon's Global Network & Technology division:


If I have a superpower, it's seeing “art of the possible” for any industry and communicating how businesses can begin preparing for new customer expectations. I sit at the intersection of the application of emerging technology and of the actual nitty-gritty under the hood that makes it all work. 

It's helpful to create compelling stories that use historical contexts combined with current and future technology advancements in order to educate, inspire, and connect the dots for individuals and businesses.

I have a thesis about how technology and humans are evolving together:


I frequently speak publicly about these topics, delivering keynotes at conferences by IEEE, SIGGRAPH, Reuters, the Super AI ML Summit, Augmented World Expo, Smart Manufacturing World Summit, GoTech Live in Bucharest, Romania, Future State Live in Auckland, New Zealand, and the New York State Innovation Summit.

I also lecture and mentor graduate courses at NYU’s Stern School of Business and Tandon School of Engineering.