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Staying Pretty in New York City

Time has flown!

Since arriving and getting (mostly) settled, I’ve been shaking hands and working on fun projects like a warrior.

  • Social Media Week – I volunteered for the whole week. I met some great people and assisted Click3X with their panel and party event.
  • FinLitTV – I’ve been talking with the founder and offering some good ideas on how they might approach certain clients with the greatest chance for success.
  • Urgent Genius – I collaborated with a team and strategized on several potentially viral concepts. The goal is to create content and see how far it can go in a week.
  1. The Fabulous Spiderman
  2. Too Soon?
  3. Justin Bieber Career Implosion Clock
  4. #WhoCaresLohan
  5. The Bachelor
  • General job hunting – Networking and reading about agencies and start-ups who are looking for social media, strategy, public relations, or account management talent. I’ve become a master at researching firms and their staffs and translating their business goals into cover letter matieral.

I’ve been holding off on some of the more touristy, time-consuming activities here in New York in order to devote enough resources to landing that coveted job. I’m still extremely optimistic!

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