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Staying Busy in New York City

I recently signed on with a luxury lifestyle designer representation agency to develop a social strategy. Their presence in the social sphere was lacking, and they were interested in making inroads and getting an edge on their competitors.

Agency Social Strategy Proposal

Social Strategy Proposal

While I was initially brought in to work on a specific client project as an unpaid intern, my focus quickly shifted to macro strategy for the agency as a whole. I offered to lay the foundation for their social media development and to create a detailed social strategy as a pro bono project. The execution of the strategy would be available for cost. I created three separate tiers with three separate price points:

  • Community management
  • Digital influencer outreach
  • PPC targeting for customers and co-branding opportunities

The company owners and managers are currently mulling the cost and benefits of such a strategy. It’s a bit outside the norm for their industry, and direct ROI can be difficult to measure. We’ll see what they decide to do.

Although I’ve been freelancing for the past year, I’m actually trying to get hired on with an agency or a start-up here in New York City. I recently applied for an agency strategist position with NYC Digital, the online outreach department of the City of New York. I would LOVE to work for the city, and I hope to hear back soon regarding my application.

In a related note, Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently announced an initiative to bring more tech start-ups to New York!

I’ve been meeting great people and having an absolute blast since I moved to New York two months ago. Finding the perfect job has been an uphill venture, but it’s building character and helping me to more specifically define who I am and what I want to be doing. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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