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Ruminations, Cogitations, and Ponderings from your favorite Community Manager

I’ve been ruminating lately. My experience with a pro bono client has been VERY good so far. I’ve been thinking, however, how their grand social media experiment can be taken to the next level. Unfortunately, this experiment is just that: an experiment. They want to see what a minimal amount of digital media will do to sales and physical store traffic. They don’t have an interactive blog, so there’s not much of a destination to which I can drive virtual traffic. I load the Facebook fan page with interactive content, though, so at least we’re getting people talking and clicking. And it’s working.

I’ve been cogitating lately. I have not applied to many positions in the past two weeks, mostly because I have not been satisfied with the current iteration of my résumé and cover letter. I have, however, made significant changes lately. Dramatic changes. I’ve basically rewritten both documents from scratch. Yes, I’m aware that each piece should be exclusive to each application, but there is something resembling a template which I modify in my creative process. I plan to submit it to several agencies in New York, San Francisco, and Dallas this week. I’ve also looked into joining more professional organizations and obtaining one or two more certifications. Finding a good job is expensive! I’m having a lot of fun with it, though.

I’ve been pondering lately. My skill set, while not holistically exquisite, is significant in its parts. I enjoy the idea of reaching out to people and not only to a market. My degrees in finance and economics have trained me to view data as a quantified source of information by which I can alter courses of action. However, my colors seem to come through most when I’m put in front of people and am given reign to schmooze. Yes, I said it: schmooze. This seems to be the reason I enjoy using social media as a means of connecting WITH people, and not advertising AT them.

I believe, however, that social media managers should be versed in strategy and not just in front-end marketing. Without knowledge of where consumers are spending their time and how they prefer to interact with a particular firm, all the SEO and PPC knowledge in the world isn’t going to make for a good campaign. I recently participated in a Community Managers chat on Twitter (#CMGRchat) and my belief was confirmed by one of the hosts. That was satisfying.

I’m spending this coming weekend in New York. It’s Kelli’s super-birthday (11/11/11), and we’re going to paint the town red. If all goes well, I will likely return soon to put boots on the ground and start some conversations with community managers and media directors. I’m ready to make this happen.

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