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End of Year Social Media Projects and Case Studies

I’ll spare you the cliché “I’ve been busy” line and simply bask in the accomplished feeling which stems from writing a new entry. This one will be quick and concise.

I’ve been developing myself as a Social Media Manager and Business Strategist over the past two months. In November and December, I took on a local liquor store as a pro bono client. The goal was to establish an online presence and build a targeted community of local residents and college students.

The endeavor was successful. A case study can be seen here. The client, inundated with holiday business, has not yet elected to retain my services since the free trial ended. It would be a great source of continued experience and would allow me to try new things (as seen in the Recommendations section of the case study), but I’m not waiting by the phone for it to ring.

Almost immediately after that ended, I was approached by my good friend Dr. Ashley Acker about creating and managing a social media outreach and event campaign, complete with more targeted community building and a Facebook contest run through Wildfire. I agreed to tackle the project as another pro bono experience. With only three weeks until the launch of the event, I went to work establishing social media channels and creating a buzz about the contest. The 12-day event is still going on, and it’s been a lot of fun. Another case study will be posted once the event culminates on January 5.

These activities have kept me VERY busy. As such, my hunt for a job has taken a back seat while I build my portfolio. I think it’ll pay off, though. I’ve begun applying again, and it feels good to have actual projects I can show to potential employers.

On that front, I’ve met and talked with some great people in the Dallas area. Although no one is hiring until a few weeks into the New Year, I’m continuing to network and apply for jobs both here in Dallas and in New York City. I’m keeping most of my focus on the Big Apple. I’m very excited at the prospect of moving to New York, and I do my best to convey this in my cover letters. Getting call-backs and interviews is hard, but I think I’m a great candidate and I have faith that I’ll get picked up very soon!

See? That was short. And concise.

Paradise Liquors Social Media Case Study

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